November 15, 2016


Pharisee: a member of an ancient Jewish sect, distinguished by strict observance of the traditional and written law, and commonly held to have pretensions to superior sanctity.
a self-righteous person; a hypocrite.

The Pharisees were known as a religious group who sought to disprove Jesus through their strict observance of the laws. They were highly motivated by the approval of others.

All of the major social media algorithms are written to populate their users displays with things that have been liked, shared, or what we have clicked. Our pictures can be filtered and beautified beyond recognition. Bullies sit behind their computers and smart phones and call people out if they live differently than they do.
We may feel righteous for our 7,252 closest friends, but God knows when we aren't being real. Eventually the others around us will see through the lip service. Depending on where they are in their walk, it could be enough to have them question the "friends" relationship with God and the existence of God.
Social media has turned many people in to the modern day pharisees that Jesus is talking about in Luke 16:15. "You are the ones to justify yourselves in the eyes of others...". Does that reflect a genuine relationship with a Christ?
When we stop  worrying about appearances and reaching perfection, we begin to build an authentic testimony. God would rather us be an honest "under construction" Christian, than a 200 likes #TooBlessedToBeStressed believer. If anything is going to be "shown off" let it be Christ's transformation and work in your life. Others will glean that a real work is being done, in real way, by a very real God.

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