July 23, 2015

His Words, Not my Own

Many of my work days are spent trying to make MY messaging stick out from the pack.
Every word, image, and the vehicle that carries them are carefully constructed to increase SOMETHING or engage an audience. So it makes sense that I was upset when I found one of my journals was ruined. I opened it and everything was gone, including the lines on the pages. My scattered brain raced to think of what thoughts had been written that I'll never in 100 years remember.What bits of my heart were spilled on those pages that will never be seen again? I was getting really worked up when a still voice said,

"It's not your words that matter. It was the time you spent with Me. My Word lives forever" 

I don't think He meant it as "what I have to say doesn't matter". I think He was telling me to stop worrying about writing the wrong thing or being concerned that it's not eloquent or poetic enough. All He wants is time with me. Although one of my journals is gone, isn't it amazing that no matter what comes our way, the Word of the Lord is forever? I needed the reminder our creator LOVES us. He is our biggest fan, not an audience we have to impress, woo, or engage for more "likes". Any glance at what's trending, what's on the news, or just how insanely busy we let ourselves become has created so much chaos. Hope and Peace can be found in Christ alone. Take some time and let God's words change you, not your own or the words of this world. 

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