December 8, 2014

Read Up, NOT Fed Up

    Last week I knew I needed to get into His word, but the devil kept creeping in and interfering. I kept making silly excuses (I don't know which verse to pick, my Bible is at Home, forgot my notebook in my car, the baby needs me, etc) NOW I know why the devil tried so hard to keep me from reading this week! He knew that when I got into the Word I'd get encouraged and that hunger for God's words would build.

Proverbs 3:5-6 is well known
"5Trust in the LORD with all your heart
         And do not lean on your own understanding.
6In all your ways acknowledge Him,
         And He will make your paths straight.

But I'd never really taken note of verses 7&8. 

I have a different type of hunger for Christ and His direction that I haven't experienced in a while. It's like I've been eating fast food for ages and just getting by, but not a balanced or fullfilling diet that a healthy relationship with God. His Word is healing my hardend heart and refreshing me. I decided I needed more Christ, I wanted it to be instant and I wanted directions RIGHT AWAY. 

 Being the great teacher He is, God is letting me grow with the lesson. He's right here with me when I falter and need instruction, but He's not giving the answers away. Saturday I was all sorts of flustered by this. I was so self centered in my questions and statements to Him:

"I'm here, why aren't you answering me?"

"I"m doing what I'm supposed to be doing, why aren't you revealing direction?"


"Lord, these are my skills, just tell me where you want me to use them" 


"Okay, I'll be quiet too."

Last week I wasn't studying the Bible..the book He created as our guidance.  It was like expecting my car to make it to Florida without gas in the tank! Then He answered my non-question:

"I tell you what to do.  Stop giving ME suggestions, my plans are better"

Instead of just giving me a generic answer or some sign like we see in the movies, God wants to prepare me, because He is the God of MORE.  He wants me to be ready for His plans. Instead of me telling the creator of the universe how HE should use me, I need to be read up & prayed up to be ready when those instructions come.  Like He instructs in 1Peter 3:15, we need to be prepared to defend our belief and back it up with his Holy scripture.

I don't have the capacity to share the same logic as God. He can see the big picture and where I fall into it. I need to respect God, walk the straight path, and He'll provide the strength and health to walk it. 

My Prayer:

Holy Spirit thank you for leading my Bible study this morning. Please help me maintain obedience by getting into Your word everyday. This will build confidence and foster springs of inspiration when it is nowhere to be found. Thank you for being all knowing and letting me know that your silence isn't out of neglect, but teaching for me to be quiet and trust in YOU alone Lord. Help me to lean more on your wisdom Lord, help me resist temptation, and let my life be worthy of your sacrifice. Amen.

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