December 13, 2012

Contradictory Christmas

     The most eloquent way I can put it is this; Christmas is different this year.  It’s our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Jones, so we can look forward to “you're married now, the focus is on the kids” presents.  Since I graduated, I won’t be riding the bliss train known as Christmas break this year.  Mid December through January traditionally has been reserved for catching up with friends, reading and sleep.  The largest change has nothing to do with my last name, my degree, or my new job. It has everything to do with Christmas itself.
      Many of my peers are facing the same growing pains this year and if you haven’t yet then soak it up, it’s going to make you want to play in traffic.  Although these statements seem bitter, I love where I’m at in my beautiful life, right now.  2012 was by far my busiest, turbulent, and “time to put on your big girl pants” year yet.  It may be me just riding out such an exciting year, but thoughts of Christmas haven’t made me think of a manger, shopping, or stress. My thoughts and emotions have been engulfed in the reality that Christ’s birth was when my salvation story truly began.
      It starts like it does for all of us; from the courage of our mothers.  Could you imagine Mary, mother of Jesus Christ on Teen Mom 2? Of course you can’t, if you think about it, she would’ve been chastised rather than given a contract deal with MTV.  It took real courage for her to carry Jesus; to the rest of the world she could’ve been carrying any child besides God’s.  Joseph, unlike many of the men or our society and those seen in Teen Mom, he listened to the angels and stood by her side through her pregnancy and was the “step dad” any mother could ask for.
      Like His complicated birth story, Christ’s life wasn’t always easy. He lived among the people who were sinners like me.  It’s because of the sacrifice He made, not as a babe laying in a manger, but as an adult slain on a cross that saves my life Every. Single. Day.  It may seem extreme, but had Christ not intervened I wouldn’t have any of the many blessings that I know to be mine today. I love my Savior not for what He has given me, but because even when I’ve found myself in the roughest of sea’s(the type He probably told me not to venture to in the first place) He always sends a lighthouse to see that I make it back to shore.   

     This year as I hear people say things like, “expensive gifts are what Christmas is all about”, it’s hard for me to not take offense. I realize that to many Christmas is only about presents and food, whereas for me it marks the launch of my road to salvation.  In the defense of nonbelievers, If you haven’t felt the transformative powers that Christ can have on your life, I can’t expect you to find joy when you’re conflicted with choosing financial strain or the pressures of giving the perfect gift? I can’t blame you for not enjoying the greatest gift you have yet to receive and that cannot be explained in my simple blog, that (optimistically) thirteen people will read.  


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