November 14, 2012

Socktopus Tutorial

Socktopus tutorial

Usually my blog is saved for my bologna ramblings about life, but since my graduation/job hunting obsession/wedding I finally had time to be crafty! A very special friend will soon be bringing a boy into this world, so it called for a special gift! Rather than the sock monkey..I made a Socktopus! I didn't document my socktopus because I was in a hurry. Some of these pictures are from the tutorial I used which can be seen: HERE

2 pairs of socks
Embroidery floss(I chose off white)

1. First I rummaged around different stores looking for the perfect pair of socks. Initially I wanted cute boy color tube socks, which having all sisters and husband who wears only white and black socks...I didn't know that "cute" boy socks aren't popular! So I found these cozy women's house socks.

I couldn't find the same pair that I used online, so I used these good looking socks as an example.

STEP 2: Turn a sock that you want as the body inside out and cut them as the picture below shows. I made the body of my socktopus much larger than the tutorial:

STEP 3:  Cut the other three socks down the middle:
I decided to NOT cut the toes off my socks:)

STEP 4:  Next, I straight stitched(by hand) the legs that were attached to the body. I didn't stitch them shut all the way to the top so that when I attached the other legs I'd have some extra octopus to cover the evidence that it wasn't one piece.

STEP 5:  I put the stuffing in the legs and body, mostly because I was excited to see him take shape!

STEP 6:  Next, I folded the other legs together and sewed them inside out, but left a hole big enough to push it to the right side and stuff the legs. I whip stitched one shut and tied the others legs shut with a big knot(this doesn't have to be fancy it will all be shoved inside of the octopus).

STEP 7:  It is crucial once all of the legs were all stuffed and sewn securely that you sew them together extremely well. The legs will take the most wear and tare, or I hope the little man who gets mine sure will! I sewed the legs (not attached to the body,) together first so they would be extra secure.

STEP 8:  Next, I shoved the legs up inside the Octopus. I stretched out the stuffing and added where he needed some extra fluff. Then I closely whip stitched pieces to the green body.  I stretched the green "crotch" of my octopus to cover the blue,this way the legs truly looked like legs and not socks :)

STEP 9: Next, I used felt (you can find it in sheets just about anywhere). I cut the white felt into long ovals and the blue into small circles that fit with that oval. I cut the red felt into a half circle. I thought it would be cute to (once again)whip stitch them on, not hiding the off white embroidery floss. I think it gave him character.