February 6, 2012

Change Starts with Me-LOVE

   I believe there are varying degree's of love....the love for your parents, your best friend, your significant other.  There is also a special love for those who need love. They need you time, they want your attention, and it's the simple gestures that could change their life.  It's not a romantic(lets make-out love) but the kind that comes from seeing a human hurting, seeing someone desperately searching, or recognizing a person is misunderstood by others. 

Throughout my life I have been given the opportunity to work, know, and meet many people like this. Meeting people who are forced to live outside of what we deem "normal" has eased me into thinking outside of my traditional norm. Too often, those souls are seen as needy, marked off by society as "different", or ignored out of ignorance.You never know who these people are..they could be your co-worker, a best friend, relative, casual acquaintance..How many times do I rush through my busy day and fail to ask someone how they are doing?

 William Shakespeare said, "Never play with the feelings of others, because you may win the game but the risk is that you will surely loose the person for a lifetime".

This hit me hard, I went from thinking about the degrees of love, to the ways we loose people from the lack of love.  It's one thing to suffer the loss of a friendship, but imagine if you lost that person entirely. This takes me to a very dark place. I'm not sure if it's a form of OCD or paranoia, (I assume all people do this) but I think of terrible situations that would steal my loved ones from me. My prayer is that they never leave this earth without knowing the depths of my love for them. 

I have a soft place for those who don't get the love the deserve. Too often it's forgotten that all people need love, we let society convince us it's acceptable to forget, shuns, or mark them off. I could start a list, but I feel that listing such people groups would only continue the cycle of hate and lack of acceptance. I will say this as a general statement and goal for myself is this....

If I'm going to say something hateful, close minded, or untrue, think of where it was founded..
-Am I saying it because I'm jealous, confused, or don't understand?
-Am I making a generalization about an entire people group?
-Am I that insecure that I need to degrade another human? 
-What if I were them?
-(generic but always a winner:)What Would Jesus Do?
-Who am I to judge or share my opinion?
-Who cares!?

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