December 5, 2011

Top 5 of 2011

If you've read any amount of my blog, you'd either think I was crazy, dramatic, or just realize that 2011 was quite the year. Rather than go into detail, in normal Sabrina fashion I've decided to put it into lists of 5(in no significant order):

5 Biggest Lessons:
-People only have as much power over me as I give them.
-Life doesn't always give us a gracious "heads-up" when our loved ones are going to leave. Show them how you feel, everyday and every opportunity you get. When it actually does, and time gets small,  say your goodbyes and tell them everything.
-Never quit a job, until you have another one lined up.
-People aren't permanent fixtures, they will come and go as they please.
-Breathe. The world will not be a better place if I'm stressed, frazzled, or don't sleep.
Top 5 Places
-Boston, MA: My trip with Jordan's family revitalized my mind. The city was flowing with diversity, creativity, and excitement. July 24th was hands down the best day of 2011, we got engaged in the Boston Commons, strolled around town, then scored tickets to a great Red Sox game. I rode on a subway without a tour guide, for the first time. Jordan and I explored the city, with no plans and relying on a map and Jordan's superb memory to get us to and fro...It was fabulous. Days like that are perfect for remindersof why we live, work, and get through the hard days.  After this trip I came back very focused on graduation and my goals for my senior year at USI.

-Tampa Bay, FL:  In March my family went to visit my brother-in-law during his time stationed there. This trip was very relaxed(which is unique in comparison to other family vacay's). I got to see a Red Sox spring training game with my dad, which was one of the first just us days in a very long time. My dad and I really are the same person, I missed the conversations we used to have on softball trips and playing pitch and catch. He sat with me in the rain, while we waited for the sky to clear. When it was over we had to walk back in the POURING Florida rain. Such an Amazing Trip!!

-Evansville, IN: yes, Evansville made my list! Spring semester of my Junior year, I got the amazing and life altering opportunity to intern at Mater Dei High School. I got to really build my portfolio, make great connections and friendships, but most importantly I found confidence in my own work. During my internship with Mater Dei and later cMoe, some of my time was spent driving around town doing various tasks.  During that time I really got to see the heart of Evansville(beyond the mall, zoo, and other out of towner activities), the people who CARE about enhancing their city, and the beauty in the older buildings and places. Before, I took for granted how great of a city Evansville really is, but I'm glad I explored before I graduated!

Rockport, IN:
  It began in January 2010, when my niece was born, I caught myself looking forward to going home. With her little fingers she tugged on my heart strings, reminding me of all the reasons why I love home and what's important. In 2011, I spent the most time at home not wanting to miss out on any of Shelby's recitals, Sierra's milestones, or precious family time. I think it was based on an inner stirring that I knew things were going to change. I'll be getting married, moving out, and starting my own life. But my family will be the constant rock that keeps me grounded, if not, they won't refrain to remind me!

Rockport, MA:  After a long day of being busy tourist, we made our last stop of the trip in the quiet beach town of Rockport. It seemed ironic, being the same town name as my home town, but when we got there it looked VERY much like Rockport, IN. Jordan's sister Sierra got to enjoy her first beach and ocean, the look on her face when she ran in was priceless! Jordan and I got the chance to enjoy our last moments of being together, before returning to the reality of work and school. The water was freezing, but we got to enjoy the waves, sand, and beautiful sunset!

Top 5 realizations:
-Some people are closed minded and refuse to change, it's a waste of my energy to try to enhance their lives if they refuse to do so.
-My parents are human...crazy, I know!
-I'm definitely a dog person.
-There are so many things about adults in general, that I'm just now realizing, that fascinates me.
-My sister and I are more like twins, we know what the other is thinking, I think it has something to do with how much mom made us wear matching clothing.
5 Most Exciting Moments
-Getting Engaged! I thought he might do it on vacation, but he was so clever and romantic about the proposal. Looking forward to 6-30-12!!
-Getting my first real internship. Go Wildcats!!
-My graduation meeting! Where I was told I would actually graduate!! The light was finally at the end of the tunnel.
-Road trip with my favorite, Megan see Glee Live!:)
-Moving things into(what will be) Our first home <3 

5 goals for 2012 
-Be a GREAT wifey!
-Find a job that makes me happy, follows God's will, and pays the bills:)
-Stay healthy and maintain my same weight, but workout more 
-Learn to cook/be somewhat domestic
-Take a trip with Jordan, somewhere exciting that can become our trademark "vacay spot".

Things you can look forward to hearing me blog about:
-Jordan moving to Rockport, us living so close, for the very first time.
-My wedding and wedding planning!
-Adventures in my life revolving living with a member of the opposite sex, for the first time:)
-What will hopefully be my very short and successful career search!

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