October 20, 2011


If you haven't realized it yet..then I'm going to let you in on a little secret. You. Are. Brainwashed. As babies we were wrapped in pink or blue. According to that color, you were given a babydoll or a G.I. Joe. Your mother and father were insulted when people confused you with the opposite gender, despite their every effort to pile on the hair bows or make you scream BOY! Little girls were given kitchen sets and boys pushed outside....can you see where I'm going with this??

If you follow me on twitter (@SabrinaWhoaJo) or a friend in real life, you know that I'm wedding planning. The process does make me one of those nutty people who gush over color swatches, lace, and all things wedding. But I refuse to confuse the splendor of planning a wedding with the importance of building a true "marriage". It doesn't help straighten out womens' reality that this seems to be the year of celebrity wedding.  THE royal wedding. Kardashian Wedding. Gene Simmons/Shannon Tweed Wedding...the list could go on.

What concerns me is this, people my age feel rushed to get married. We want the big white dress, handsome man, and lavish ceremony. But I wonder if people realize that once the reception is over, you actually have to keep the person? Technically, despite the soaring divorce rates, you are supposed to keep them forever. Pushing those divorce rates up, is debt. Where do people get the money to spend on their wedding?? Especially those who are fresh out of college? Wedding magazines ask that you send out monthy reports to everyone you know, during every stage of your planning..save the dates, party invites, reception RSVP, registry info..then oh, yeah..the ACTUAL invitations!

I'm guilty of wanting those things, I can't wait to shop for my dress with my mom and sisters at my side. I'm so excited to celebrate our new lives together with my family and friends. I CANNOT wait to see his face when I turn the corner around the same pews my family has sat in for church all my life, to see his smiling face.  That said, I firmly believe that this all can be achieved without debt and stress. I refuse to confuse my wedding, the day I celebrate the commitment of marriage, to be wrapped up in the mirage that it has to be extravagant.

Planning might be a bliss, but what excites me more is on November 4th, I will wake up Mrs. Sabrina Jones. I can't wait to get to see him EVERY day, rather than once or twice a week. I'm blessed that I've found a Christian man, who loves God. I love that saying I love you, have a good day, and goodnight, won't be over the phone. I'm excited to move into our starter home in Rockport, start our careers together, and pick out our first dog. Life will resume after the wedding, thats when the adventure really begins...

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