October 13, 2011

Emotional Me

If you've known me long, you know I'm emotional. I'm not sure if it's graduation or wedding planning, but I feel like my emotional side has been taking speed lately.  It seems like objects, pictures, or words have been tiny time capsules. They toss me into one of those dark water slides that carry my mind to knew thoughts over old memories. I love my family to pieces, like many other people as much as I love them, I try to deny being them. But the reality is simple. I was raised by my parents who are as opposite in nearly everything, with the exception for their love for each other and their conservative ways. When they went to work, it was time to go to Grandma Jeans, where I was surrounded by my cousins, adventure and creativity, and love. Though Grandma and Grandpa are aging, when I was painting my Grandpa's room, I realized how that house was a part of my foundation.

I was blessed with an additional grandpa and the unique opportunity to meet all of my great grandparents but one. They passed on their genes, stories, and wisdom that spans hundreds of generations. Through colorful stories about beginning married life with $7, struggles with infertility, and from experience how tight they hold on to each other when time gets small. The word love to me, has the faces of my grannie threatening my pop to get out of his chair...or else, my mother denying my father of salt for his blood pressures sake, and my Grandma Ann holding my pop in his chair(with her eyes shut and whispering prayers) so that he wouldn't fall. They taught me, through their actions what love really means. Mom always said, if you don't like me, that means I'm doing my job. Love comes in many forms and expressions, and my family always had my best interest in mind.

I feel like I've reached that point, where I'm proud to say that I'm a product of my families love, care, and concern. I never went to school sick because of pop's promises, I picked up on all the kitchen talk while the women prepared holiday meals, and was given a father who taught me what it means to give everything your all. He always worked his hardest to give us everything we needed, and usually what we wanted, even if it meant sleeping in the truck between softball games, working 12+ hr shifts for eleven years, and more without a single complaint. After four years of saying that I was going to move away, I'm so excited to say that I'm looking into purchasing my childhood home. I can't think of any other place to start my life with Jordan or raise our children, all right down the street from Grandma Jean, Granny, and close to Meem & Papaw Harpenau:)  

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