September 22, 2011


My LAST year at USI is going by entirely waaaaay too fast! Looking back, the busiest times have typically meant that I was loving what I was doing too much to look at the clock, let alone a calendar! I'm currently enjoying the best of both worlds, the challenge of being in a work place, while enjoying the comfort and familiarity of classes. I definitely have senior-itus..I don't want to do any of my homework, all I want to do is look for jobs and plan our wedding.

Speaking of which..the funny thing about marriage is that usually the people live together..before..but especially after they get married. Now we are thinking about our options and all of the "big kid" things we have to think about. Do we rent? Do we buy? Where are we going to find jobs? What do these rates, mortgages, and costs mean? How much do we need to save before we both move out?

At this point I know I need to keep working hard and do my best at my job/internship/classes, save money, and pray. Pray that God helps me relax and enjoy my last 6 months of college. Pray that He leads us to the jobs that He wants us to have. I need to pray for the right house to come to us(at the right price). I'm in such a transition period, I'm so blessed to be sharing the ride with my fiance, wonderful friends, and my family who are holding my hand through this delightful journey!

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