August 5, 2011's to Exes...

Disclaimer..if you are reading this keep doesn't end like you think it will

Life is a crazy creature.  People come and go, either because of our choosing or theirs.  We love one day, then hate the next.  We try to run away, cover up, or drink away what went wrong.  We don't think about how we affect each other, just keep moving away from closure.  When is the time to cut off emotions?  When do we shut the door on the people we care about?

It should be more awkward than it is...the "ex" situation.  They were once such a big part of our lives, and when we get new significant others, they are like replacements.  So when you meet you bf/gf's's like saying, "well hello, I'm the one they upgraded to..your replacement, glad we could meet."

I have an inner dialogue, oh, the things and questions I want to bring up.
 -"Yes, I'm sure you've heard about me, but I also heard about how NUTS you are."
 -Part of me smiles, "you must have been CRAZY to run him off..he's a keeper"
 -"Thank you, for being crazy enough to let him go, he's now MY keeper."

Now in writing this, I should first admit that I'm no saint. I've been deemed a crazy ex, I was just trying to move on with my life, the only way I knew how.  I made mistakes, who doesn't? 

So to the other exes out there...make your mistakes, I don't hate you..I will never say what is going on in my mind to humiliate or embarass you(frankly it's not my style). I can't say that every day of my life is perfect, or that the rest of my life is going to go without another mistake.  As my survivor reward, the lessons I've learned are the best guarantee I have to a happier life. The repurcusions of our mistakes are the greatest teachers. If you make a mistake, don't cover it up with a band-aid, clean it up(apologize) or air it out.  When it heals don't look at it as a branding, but as a reminder of who you WERE, how FAR you've came, and a guiding star for brighter tomorrow's.

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