August 15, 2011

Dear College Freshman...

-It's okay to miss your besties since the first grade...but (more than likely)after Christmas of your freshman will speak to less than 25% of them. They won't take it wrong if you make new friends, they will too, it doesn't mean you are replacing them. Keep in touch with old friends, but don't loose out on the opportunities to make new ones!

-Just because you aren't doesn't mean that what you do won't make it back.(especially if chronicle your year on fb with yourself, red cups, and squinty eyes)

-The good news is...College is exponentially WAY better than high every way except for the cost:) You have the chance to prove yourself as a responsible adult..or mess up royally..choose wisely!

-YOU have a chance to start over...people in college don't know about your bad hair in middle school, athletic career(or lack of), or who you dated;) Time to reinvent yourself into who you want to be as a student and an adult. Surround yourself with positive people who will support you through studying, partying, and going to work!
**Special note on reinventing yourself...Girls: Being promiscuous will catch up to you, and you will regret it. If you met less than a week ago and he says, "I love you." He's probably lying  Boys:  Her sober consent means yes. Being a jerk doesn't make you cool.
*If you fall into either of these clique's, it's okay--take a look at the people you call your friends. Don't like what you see? Make new friends who support better life decisions!

-Enjoy College!! The next four-six years will FLY by!! Go out with your friends, stay up late studying, and enjoy your freedom.  

-If you find yourself in a relationship GREAT, but if not, enjoy being single! You have the rest of your life to find a soul mate and settle down.  College is the time to find yourself, visualize what you want, and do what's necessary to achieve both.  Take advantage of the career center at your school as a way to find internships and job opportunities that are resume builders! Have fun, but work hard.

-One Word:  Workout...the freshman 15 is real! Get active in intramurals or find a workout buddy. Many campuses have group workout sessions, which is a great way to meet new friends who may have the same interests as you!
**These are based off my experiences:) Hope your freshman year goes better than mine did!! Best Wishes and God Bless!!

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