June 29, 2011

Sign of my Life..

I cherish things that are consistent, reliable, and keeper's of my fondest memories.  It's not until such institutions are altered, do I realize how much I hold in physical landmarks.  This week, the iconic Holiday Drive In marque was destroyed by strong winds.  Built in 1955, it was a part of the original construction.  It told us what movies were playing, what days we were open, and welcomed visitors who cherish the summer time tradition of visiting us.

  When I watched the video of the marque being taken away, it was like watching them take away an old friend.  Such a relic is irreplaceable, timeless, and like the friend you miss once they are gone.  Imagine all the stories all that brick, neon lights, and steel could tell.   The numerous first dates, family outings, and drive in junkies that it welcomed into it's gates.  

The rest of us still stand, concessions, screens, and my drive in family.  My first job, my first boss, and the beginning of my love for movies.  It has been my teacher, where hard work and dedication to each other, was the key objective in it's curriculum.  We are are a family here, some of us by blood, but most have bonded over memories, stressful nights, and knowing we will always have each other and the drive in.  Although the sign that that welcomed us into new seasons is gone, the heart of what makes us the Holiday Drive In is still here.  I pray that it will be around forever, consistent, reliable, and keeper of my fondest memories and those left to be made every April through September...

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