April 7, 2011

Handle with Care(or God, or Caution, or Alcohol)

Sometimes break ups are like boo boos earned from learning to ride a bike
After we crash we instinctively grab the hurt area,
 as adults we immediately try to cover up the issue and fix it ourselves.
Then we review the damage, in relationships we try to gauge what our lives will be like without them or how bad they hurt us.
As children thoughts of everything from amputation and death raged our minds about how bad we are hurt.
As adults some of us still yell, "MOOOOM, I'm hurt!" 

Others reach out to the people that I like to call my sanity, my support group, and my best friends.
 Mom or no mom, they reassure us, console us, and get us back to health.
At any age, this usually meant alcohol directly toward the source of the pain.
I believe that the biggest mistake made in the very last step…the bandaid..
Some injuries need bandaids and others don't.
Sometimes we apply the bandaid too soon to make the hurt go away,
 As adults, we throw ourselves into relationships before we know what went wrong with the last relationship
Like wounds, people need time to heal and get over past battles before moving on to more matters of the heart.
Other times we don't protect ourselves at all.
After we get hurt we leave ourselves vulnerable to the world, letting any dirt or filth stick to us
(also known as losers, users, and flat out jerks).
It takes more alcohol or only the help of our Heavenly father to cleanse the wounds of abuse, neglect, and time can have on the body and mind.
Then there are times when you need a bandage..after the peroxide and tears have went away.
After the mourning is over,every day is the hardest part, that only that eases up with time and forgiveness
Every now and then you are forced to take of the bandaid, an remember.."yup, I messed up"and cleanse yourself and forgive yourself.
Eventually, long after the bandaids are put away and the once angry wound has been replaced with a scar.
Some scars we look at and think abou how awesome earning it was, like a badge of honor.
Yet others we try to hide or cover-up,  ghosts from a misguided past.
Don’t be ashamed, lessons were learned, bridges were burned, but in the end from every lost friendship and failed relationship you learned something.
You are a bigger and better person, who may someday enrich the lives of another person who may have to go through a similar situation.
Be the bandaid, be the air, be the alcohol, be the friend that once helped you.

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