March 28, 2011


It is so easy to say poor me. Poor me, I have to wake up early for work this morning.  Poor me, my friend ditches me on a regular basis. Poor me, I spilt something on my shirt. I'm so tired of saying POOR ME!! It takes so much more of a person to buck up, learn something from the situation, and move on!  Rather than whine poor me, I say enough is enough with all of my anxiety over the things I CANNOT CHANGE! I wanna go back to my relaxed and drama free life, before I conflicted myself so heavily with the concerns of who I'm pissing off or who I'm trying to make happy.  Instead of poor me, I say pour me a big glass of grow up. Pour me a glass of maturity. Pour me a cup of push out the negative things that bring me down.  Hang on world, I'm doing some clean out and move on.

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