March 1, 2011

Blessed Assurance

When I first woke up I wasn't ready to start my day.  I could hear my younger sister complaining about the outfit my mom picked out for school.
She was still grouchy and heartbroken from the night before from not getting chosen for a play that she so desperately wanted to be a part of.  I often find it difficult to connect with her.  Not only did eleven years seperate us, but we don't share passions or interests, which was more often than not frustrating.  For example she wanted to do musicals and play computer games, but I wanted her to play catch with me in the yard.  But rather than be so frustrated with our differences I should be more apt to be grateful for a beautiful sister who is so unique, creative, and truly the most mature and whitty person I know.
 I'm so blessed.Thank you Lord.For blessing me with a little sister.
I rolled over and buried my face in my pillow hoping for a fresher start.
Sure enough, sound could still creep in between my ears and pillow.
But what I heard wasn't whining or my cell phone banging,
It was the precious jibberish of my niece.
No matter what my mood, she is the ultimate defense from a bad day. 
 She loves to stay busy by cleaning around the house, dancing, and wrestling with our family dog.
Her kisses and "big girl" hugs melt away my stress, pain, and remind me of life's most important commodity...Love.
It's amazing how such a little person can be such a big deal.
I looked up...thank you Lord...for blessing me with my beautiful Niece.
Later that evening, I was stressing out about midterms.  I was actually mad about everything. Frustrated with the weather, my hair, and the fact that I had to go to be on campus after dark.
Then just as I was at my grumpiest state, I looked up and saw this sight.
I was so proud to know this was my school. I never saw this day coming considering I had never picked USI, it had been my choice by default.  I planned on going to a school in Louisville to pursue my dreams of playing college volleyball.  Life happend and I formerly had never felt like USI was what I wanted from college.  Now as I am nearing my senior year and can look back on my amazing experience at USI, I know that I was placed in Evansville for a reason.  Outside of the classroom I learned hard lessons, lost and found myself many times, and finally pushing forward in a positive direction.

Smiling I closed my eyes....Thank you Lord....for putting me exactly where I needed to be.


  1. Love your writing, love the picture and font. Keep up the good work!