March 21, 2011

Pillow Talk

After my sister had left for work, I decided to attempt to make her bed.
She has a beautiful brown comforter with buttons with eight pillows that she arranges nicely.
I wanted her to come home to see her bed, just the way she would have made it.
As I was so desperately trying to remeber the order, a much deeper thought came to my mind.
In relationships we can be like the rich gold and deep brown pillows, which compliment each others true beauty. 
Sometimes people have to compliment each other emotionally, like the  down pillow and the firm long supportive base pillow.  One person is the "softie"and the other person is a rock of stability, letting their companion know that no matter what life hands them they will be the there.
Like myself, too often people work relentlessly to fix combinations that just don't fit.
I didn't arrange the pillows exactly the way she ususally does, but nonetheless the bed is made.
 Beyond making the bed, like in real life, not a single relationship works the same.
 If we try to mold ourselves into being a different person for someone or try to act like the perfect couple than we will never find our perfect combination.
Smimilar to myself refusing to change the pillow slips, we should never be anything but who we are because what i found was the underneath the pillow that had buttons, the ones that had patterns, and the pillows with nice textures, that below the case they were all the same white cotton pillow. So rather than alterning ourselves we should get to know who WE are and fall in LOVE with that person.  Once we are secure in that identity we may be ready to find someone to compliment all of your wonderful traits that you have discovered.  These pillows look nice with one in front of the other giving support for the entire set, dont settle for something unstable or less than you deserve. Love yourself enough not to change for a single person and wait to find the one who will show you off in your true grandeur.

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