February 7, 2011

Highly Valuable Informaion!!!

The quest is never ending, it all starts with the preshopping anxiety:
What size are my feet today? 
What size are they going to be in the morning compared to evening?
What color should I get?
Is open toe appropriate for work?
How tall is too tall?
How can I have shoes that are both cute AND be comfortable(if this is AT ALL possible)?

The troubles only pile up as I enter the shoe isle, so many choices, and regardless of what I set my goal at finding, I'm always find myself buckling my poor feet in the highest heels available.  Rather than fight this infatuation with pushing my bodies vertical limits..I will from now on heed to the information I found in this artlice...as a slave to all things gorgeous over practical or even sensible all I can do is educate myself..and the misfortunate others like me:D

InStyle: "Know Your Shoe"

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