January 23, 2011

Neck Candy

    It's nearing the end of January, which in Southern Indiana marks the most bitter part of winter(typically). But rather than scoff at how terrible the wind chill is or count down the days until spring, I take charge in the only way I can..with my wardrobe! I love to layer all of my clothing throughout the entire year, but especially when cuteness and function matter. A scarf is the token accessory for warmth and effortless way to add color to an otherwise drab day.

    Starting from the bottom up, just like the celebs above, I'd start with a super simple bottom, like jeans, plain leggings, or tights. Next when choosing a top, personally I choose either a plain solid or a top with a fairly simple pattern, like stripes. For a less decorated scarf I may wear a blouse with metallic or floral elements. Lastly, just like the lovely ladies about an adorable scarf looks nice when framed by either a cropped jacket or always in style trench.

I'm a huge fan of YouTube fashion&beauty guru, Michelle Phan. Here, with the help of a friend, she lends us several different ways to tie a scarf...enjoy!

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