January 11, 2011

Incurably optimistic

Too often I felt that it was a negative thing to get stuck in a lull of telling myself that everything is going to work out or wake up and have to push myself to let go and let God.  But the more negative people I am exposed to I realize that I would rather be upset that things don't work in my plans or up to my expectations than be constantly expecting them to fail.  I would rather take risks and reach for my dreams than just sit on the sidelines.  The amazing thing about God and having a relationship with him, is that through my life working out in his plans, I'm happier and healthier than my silly plan could have ever made me.  Recently I've ran into people who were in my life during my roughest period, which I don't think is just ironic.  I think it's God being like, "Hey, remember who you were when you saw them last?"  Formerly it would have upset me to see those people or make me angry, but now I have peace that I'm in a much better emotional place than ever. I thank God for teaching me sooo many lessons in such a short period of time, and truly reshaping me as a person.  I praise God for making me incurably optimistic even tho the world tried to taint my faith, break my trust in others, and destroy me.  But through God I am still standing, through God I am still able to rely on others, and now through him I can walk with my head held high.

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