December 9, 2010

True Life: I'm a College Student...

If you are sleep deprived, under fed, and your mind currently over worked....then you are probably a college student stressing about...FINALS WEEK!! Here are some tips I found for time management on and my own personal comments:))

1. Get -- and use -- a calendar. How would you live without one? If it has to be's written down.
2. Write down everything. Write down everything in one place you use everyday..but if you are like wouldn't hurt to write it down in more than one place if it'reaaal important!
3. Schedule time to relax. Don't forget to schedule in time to relax and breatheee..
4. Keep trying new systems.  Find what works best for YOU.
5. Allow for flexibility. Things inevitably come up that you weren't expecting. 
6. Plan ahead.  Here's to the procrastinators(myself included....stop putting it off!!!
7. Plan for the unexpected. Its going to it safe..get stuff done with time and room for error
8. Schedule rewards in. Give yourself a treat for all your hard work...this is my favorite tip:) Put away all the social media for some good old fashioned social time with real people:]]

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