December 6, 2010

catch a break or break down

I felt like i had finally realized where i want to be,
Why is it now that it feels so out of reach,
opportunities keep fleeting and time is wasting,
its got my mind swirling and  me contemplating,
dear God let me know,
in which direction I am supposed to go,
I feel like all i am hearing is no,
In a dismal i want to just sit and cry,
I'm so tired of just getting by,
why is that anytime i try to succeed,
it always fails, most definitely,
when my career starts feeling within reach,
then something knocks me back on my knees,
I need inspiration, something much more,
something to lift me up from the floor,
Lord I need you, to help me through,
I cant make it without you,
I'm sorry that I don't do all I should,
you deserve my best, not just my good,
You are making me stronger with each trial i face
Each one you help me handle them with grace,

1 comment:

  1. I love this...perfect for me today. Thanks for the encouragement through your writing! :)