September 8, 2010

oh something randommm

So I'm sitting in the library with no inspiration to do homework...and this little diddy came to my mind:

The even cadence of your equal heart beats,
Serenade me into a blissful sleep,
My mind seeks ease in you embrace,
The soul finds it happy place,
Arms wrapped tightly, you couldn't be more close
Fond feelings you share, let me know you love me the most
In your arms the world is all right,
Even if your arm is asleep I know you won't move it all night,
It is here, where I find the love i need to make it through
The long days I must wait again to be with you,
Hopefully, again our days apart will far and few
But for now I have you right here,
I pocket these precious memories my dear,
too perfect to ruin with a picture or put in a frame
I'm done with playing all of the crazy games
I can't wait to take your last name:)

Sorry for yet another writing about my relationship....they will differ with my mood:]
Iron and Wine: From such great heights

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