September 30, 2010

I loved you first.

When I first held you I didn't know how you would impact my world,
You were so little, but the world began to spin around all that you are,
I wondered what your personality was like,
countless times I tried to prepare myself for the moment we would meet,
but when it approached me the rest of the world went obsolete,
I remember looking at your precious face and wondering what your voice would sound like,
Glanced at your long fingers and wondered if your mom would let you become a pitcher,
Saw how your wonderful little feet weren't so little in comparison to the rest of your delicate features,
You were a miracle from the moment they said you were going to be,
and now I get to see the proof as you reach out your arms at me,
When I pick you up the waves of peace hit me,
that little two-toothed grin pours sunshine on my soul,
you relax and remind me that everything work out,
I feel relieved to hear from you that all is well,
you coo that you love me too,
which is amazing because you can't even clearly speak
your kisses are still kinda sloppy but ever so sweet,
you are simply amazing,
I shall love you forever..of course you are my niece.:)

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