September 12, 2010


Growth can be scary. 
When you are seven its retiring the footie pajamas. 
At ten i cried when mom made me put away my oshkosh overalls 
At fourteen it was leaving the comfort of recess for advisors and block scheduling.. 
Before i knew it they were handing me my diploma and booting me out the door.. 
Just when i thought all those growing pains were over, it seems like theyve just begun.
I have so far to go, but in the past month i have come so far.. 
away from the girl i used to be and a little closer to the woman i aspire to become.. 
but unlike the footie pajamas or overalls you cant see my growth spurt from the outside.. 
just the endurance of strength and courage with new found independence 
which are only seen by the ones who were cheering for me all along. 
Growth isnt scary. 
Its terrifying and exciting, but all of these patches of growth and milestones are what we have in this life. 
All of them put together to create somthing beautiful that we call livin

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