September 29, 2010

dress me pretty

     Why do people dress the way they do? Do girls really like their chests to be pushed so far up, that they look like muffins? Doesn't that hurt..and defy gravity at the same time? Why do women show off half of their stomachs in an already tight shirt?  Do you like seeing your own stomach that much? Who are you dressing for? 
     I realize that when it comes to dressing, I have always had conservative tendencies(linked to my catholic school uniform days). But when I get ready in the morning I pull out everything I think I might feel like wearing, and then piece together what I actually do wear. It usually takes me a bit to find things that match or are most comfortable, but it's what I want to wear. Even when I was single I didn't buy a certain bra to wear with a ridiculously low top, so that I could attract other singles...Dressing with too little clothing makes me feel vulnerable and available for just anyone to have a peek. Now and then, when I go out with friends or out with my boyfriend I will dress with a little less, but for my day to day activities, no, everything is covered. I hope to forever dress the way I want to dress, reflecting my personality and how I feel. Not like a sexed up salsa dancer, on my way to my office job or class. That is the end of my rant:)

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