September 2, 2010

amor vincit omnia

   I don’t think it ever becomes normal to miss the ones we love. Most people are forced to think of seperation as a circumstance or situation, something they have to wait out or overcome.
   Time is so cruel. Especially when it steals our weak, takes our elderly, and our precious young before we are ready to let go, we don’t give proper attention to what time gave to them. Possibly it was all the time they needed. Something unperceivable was going to happen that time was being the friend and let them stay innocent to such pain or anguish. We are much too selfish to let time off that easily, so I digress.
   Time in-between seeing our favorites can dwindle so slowly, anticipation building. What you will say and do when you reunite, swirl in the mind. What did we ever do to time? It beats us down. But I'm learning to cherish the time we do get with our loved ones, no matter how long the visit or simple their stay. Reminiscing of warm smiles from childhood, when being an adult is too hard. Reassuring words from a familiar voice in your mind, when you want to give up. Even if the voice only live on, in your mind.
   Time, gave us a chance to feel, for a brief moment, what it’s like to be in the arms of someone, even when they physically can’t be present. Writing this down doesn’t make me miss you less. I realize there will still be sixty minutes in every hour, and twenty-four of those hours in every day that separate us. I still count down the days until I get to be with you every day. But somehow I’m going to find it within me to appreciate time. Not because I enjoy sleeping alone, missing you terribly, or annoying everyone I know with a ridiculous countdown. But rather that I have known what it is like to be in your arms, I have you to miss, and not care that I’m proud to talk about you to everyone I know.
    I believe for us time has secret powers.  I feel anticipation days before I get to see you, and it's intensifying my love for you. Time has nurtured my appreciation that you came to me, because you saw something bright in something so overwhelmed with dark. Time gave me peace over the yesterdays that were painful, because of days like today, and a tomorrow that feels so fresh and bright, especially with a someone like you to share it with.

Amor Vincit Omnia....♥

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